Research Project
History of programming and television fiction programs in Spain (generalist channel): From the deregulation to analogical blackout, 1990−2010

supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness

Project description
The current Spanish television fiction is the result of the big change experienced from deregulation, consequence of the creation of private channels and the development of autonomous ones, the rise of independent production and the professionalization of the audiovisual sector. By the end of the nineties the search for narrative formats was intensified, aimed to improve aesthetic quality, while genres were broadened with the making of TV series located in professional settings.

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The project is carried out by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, OFENT research group with the support of Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competition of the Government of Spain
Head of the Project
Charo Lacalle
Charo Lacalle is a full-time Professor at the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences, which she directs from 2016 (Autonomous University of Barcelona – UAB). She holds two bachelor's degrees from that same university, one in Information Sciences and one in Philosophy, as well as a PhD by the UAB on TV news in Europe. Dr. Lacalle edits the academic journal Anàlisi. Quaderns de Comunicació i Cultura and coordinates the research group OFENT (Observatory of Spanish Fiction and New Technologies) and the Spanish group of OBITEL (Ibero-American Observatory of TV Fiction). As a Visiting Professor, she has taught classes and seminars in several European and Latin American universities.

New Narratives. Between Innovation and Fiction: from Deregulation to Transmedia Integration. Edited by Elena de la Cuadra de Colmenares. Download the full text (PDF)

November 2017
Mariluz Sanchez Ares
A researcher of the Observatory of Spanish Fiction and New Technologies. More info:
Anna Tous Rovirosa
Associate Professor of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Autonomous University of Barcelona. More info:
Cristina Pujol Ozonas
Lecturer at the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences. More info:
Beatriz Maria Gomez Morales
Lecturer at the Department of Catalan Philology and Communication of the University of Lleida. More info:
Elena de la Cuarda de Colmenares
Lecturer at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. More info:
Luís Fernando Morales Morante
Lecturer in the Department of Advertising, PR and Audiovisual Communication of the UAB. More info:
Tatiana Hidalgo-Mari
Lecturer at the Department of Communication and Social Psychology at the University of Alicante and at the Cela Open Institute (UCJC). More info:
Raquel Crisostomo Galvez
Raquel earned her Ph.D. from the Faculty of Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona in 2011 and now she's working on her second Ph.D in communication area. More info:
Rosa Ferrer Ceresola
Professor of Marketing Research and Information, Protocol and Ceremonial and Tourism Management Project at ESERP. More info:
Carlos Sanandres
PhD student in Communication and Journalism (UAB). More info:
Sara Narviaza
PhD student in Communication Sciences (UAB). More info:
Daria Dergacheva
PhD student in Communication and Journalism (UAB). More info:
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